Hypnotherapy EFT for Anxiety in Northwich Cheshire
Anxiety and depression in children

Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety in children?

If you are a parent, you will certainly already be aware of some of the challenges currently facing children. Parents often ask me ‘Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety in children? I am happy to say that the answer is yes, it certainly can!

In many cases, children can face a complicated and uncertain world in modern society. Social media and peer pressure can heavily influence children and teenagers therefore they may sometimes find it difficult to cope. Unfortunately this can result in problems arising with emotions and behaviour. Kids may struggle with anxieties, fears, confidence issues, bullying or even depression or self harm.

It is estimated that around one in ten children in Great Britain aged between five and sixteen have a recognisable mental disorder. Approximately 4% of children suffering from anxiety or depression. To a child, emotions can be overwhelming and learning how to manage them can be scary.

As a parent it can be really worrying when your child is suffering and unfortunately there are limited resources available on the NHS to deal with these types of issues. If your child is experiencing difficulties, it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn. Waiting lists and children’s services are at breaking point and many children just aren’t getting the help they deserve. However there are ways that you can help as a parent. I work with children and young people but I also help parents. If you are looking for ways to help both your children and even yourself, I can help.

Children can learn to manage and control their own emotional wellbeing

I use a combination of the very latest in solution focused therapies to treat children’s issues such as these, and I teach all my young clients how to manage their emotions, how to overcome fear and how to use the power of their own minds to change things for the better.

Hypnotherapy for children looks very different to how we might imagine. Children already live in a world of imagination, and hypnotherapy is simply using that skill to help the child to change how they feel. EFT is a very gentle technique that teaches children an easy way of being in control of their own feelings.

These methods are simple and help children to learn how to cope with negative emotions and how to have the power to self soothe. EFT empowers children and helps them to become more positive, confident and self-sufficient. Enabling them to grow and achieve to their fullest potential.

Contact me if you would like a chat to discuss your child’s needs, for more information, or to see if solution focused therapies can help.

How to stop negative thoughts

One of the biggest obstacles to creating the life and future that you dream of, can be the occurance of negative thoughts. Thinking of what has happened in the past, worries of what might happen in the future, these all have an impact on the way we feel in the present and therefore affect what we attract into our lives.

Even though we may know logically and consciously what we should be doing (ie thinking positive thoughts) sometimes it can be really difficult to know HOW to change our negative thinking and what we need to do to stop those thoughts when they arise.

Unfortunately we don’t come with an instruction manual and we tend to find that the more we try not to do something, the harder it is to stop. One of the main reasons for this is that your unconscious mind doesn’t recognise negatives, such as no, stop and don’t. For example if someone were to say to you “Whatever you do, DON’T think about a pink elephant!” – you think of a pink elephant. You can’t help it – in order to dismiss something, you have to first think about it.

You can change how you feel about your thoughts, by using the way that your mind naturally processes information. When you think of a memory that you feel very strongly about, either positively or negatively, you experience it with your senses. You may get a visual image in your mind’s eye, you may have sounds or voices connected to it, it may even have smells and tastes and you will also get a feeling that goes with it.

When you have a strong emotional reaction about something, those senses tend to be amplified, so the image will probably be a movie as opposed to a still image, brightly coloured, quite close and big and you may be imagining it through your own eyes. The sounds may be quite loud, clear and near and you may get a physical sensation in your body that matches the emotion.

If your thought is one that makes you feel strongly negative, you can adjust each one of those factors so that your brain interprets the information differently and therefore doesn’t react in the same way. So for a negative visual image you can:

Imagine you can see yourself in the image instead of through your own eyes.
If it’s a movie, make it into a still image.
Make the picture black and white, and push it further away.
Shrink the image or make it see through

For auditory elements, such as a negative internal dialogue, you can:

Turn the volume down
Make it come from further away from you or a different place
If it’s an internal voice, change it into a funny voice, such as your favourite comedian or Donald Duck.
Make it softer and kinder

On the flip side, you can also use this to create compelling visual images of what you do want, which helps with manifesting your desires. To do this, reverse the above – make images more colourful, bigger, bring it closer and see through your own eyes. Turn sounds up, make them clearer and surround sound or give your image an inspiring or motivating soundtrack. When you say positive things to yourself, say them in your mind loudly in an excited, motivated tone of voice (or calm, relaxed etc).

Your mind is an incredible learning machine, and it doesn’t take it very long to learn new ways of thinking about something. If you keep repeating your adjustments, your brain learns to think in the new way and does it automatically for you. Then by being able to adjust your thoughts so you can feel better right now, manifesting what you do want instead of what you don’t, becomes a lot easier.