Workplace Wellbeing Services

Solution focused techniques are increasingly being used throughout the business world by progressive companies who understand the importance of employee wellbeing. Stress and mental health difficulties are unavoidable in modern society, employers who understand this and provide services and benefits to support their employees wellbeing are finding that a happy, cared for workforce is a productive and profitable workforce. Employers who support their staff to achieve and maintain emotional wellbeing, whether work related or life related, report reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and staff who are able to focus and achieve their full potential. If you or your organisation recognise the benefits to caring for your staff's wellbing, contact me, for a free intitial wellbeing consultation. I provide a full wellbeing assessment, to help you to get the most from my services to suit your business's needs.

Reducing stress at Work increases productivity

Under existing health and safety legislation employers have a duty to undertake risk assessments and manage activities to reduce the incidence of stress at work.
By providing wellbeing services, employers can not only reduce stress at work, but also increase productivity, improve motivation and make for a more harmonious working environment for everyone.
As an experienced Wellbeing Consultant and NLP and Advanced EFT Practitioner, I provide a modern, personalised approach, aimed at tackling the roots of the problem and setting up short and long term strategies to give your organisation the edge when it comes to employee wellbeing.
What are the Therapeutic benefits?

I work with both individuals and groups and can provide one to one services that enable employees to manage and resolve stress or mental health issues before they reach crisis point. By providing a culture of support, employers boost staff morale and loyalty and when individuals are supported to maintain mental and emotional wellbeing they help businesses to achieve more. My ‘Resolving Stress at Work’ course teaches employees how to spot the symptoms of stress, how to use the very latest in stress resolving techniques and what to do to combat stress at work before it becomes a problem. My clients have reported reduced absenteeism, improved staff rapport and an increased understanding of how to ensure a happy, healthy workforce. Solution focused therapies are effective with:

 Improving workplace morale
 Reduce absenteeism
 Boost employee team rapport
 Provide ongoing strategies to reduce stress
 Increase business confidence
 Enhance public speaking techniques

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