Weight Loss

We are all born with an inbuilt weight control system and initially we eat only as much as we need and stop eating when we have had enough. Over time, we take on board various messages about food from our parents, teachers, peers, the media and society, some of which teach us to 'override' that signal from our stomachs that tells us when we have had enough, which combined with the emotions that can become attached to food mean that we can develop unhealthy patterns of behaviour that can lead to weight issues.


Diets don't work in the long term

Dieting can in fact make the problem worse, as when we go on a diet we end up having to think about food more than ever! Counting points and calories, planning meals, shopping for specific diet foods and preparing it takes a lot of effort, and food becomes even more important, particularly as you are having to do everything above whilst at the same time feeling hungry and deprived. Some diet methods also encourage you to eat as much as you like of certain foods, rather than listening to your body's own signals. This 'eat as much as you like' mindset then continues even after you have come off the diet, causing people to pile back on the weight lost, sometimes even ending up heavier than they started. This cycle is then repeated as people try different diets in the hope of finding something that actually helps them to lose weight and keep it off.

Hypnotherapy is a natural solution to weight issues

Treating weight loss issues with therapies such as hypnotherapy is so effective because it works directly with the part of the mind causing the problem. It is a completely different way of approaching weight loss. It simply works to reset your own inbuilt weight control system, enabling you to listen to your body's own signals and to eat only as much as you actually need.

This means that you lose weight without depriving yourself, without feeling hungry or being unable to eat certain foods. Weight loss with hypnotherapy is sustainable and works to help you to become slimmer, fitter and healthier without dieting. I use a unique programme that uses Virtual gastric band hypnosis, EFT and NLP to ensure long term, sustatainable results. Give me a ring today for a FREE telephone consultation