Neuro Linguistic Programming has been described as an 'instruction manual for the mind' and 'software for the brain'. It studies how people think and experience the world and is a technique for quickly and effectively changing thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that may be limiting or problematic. NLP can be hugely successful in treating conditions such as PTSD, phobias, anxiety or depression for exabmple, with dramatic results often occuring within just a few sessions.

How does NLP work?

People experience the world according to their 'inner map' which is created as a result of their individual circumstances. NLP examines the detail of peoples experiences and how they present information from their senses or memories back to themselves.

By changing the quality or way you attach meaning to your thoughts, memories or feelings, you can regain control over your inner world. For example, bad experiences or traumatic memories can be made much less influential by the use of NLP.

NLP gives you control over your own mind

NLP is also particularly useful in helping to achieve specific goals. It can help with motivation, planning and communication in everyday life and can be a lifelong tool to achieve the future you want.

Remember you have the power to change your own mind and change is always possible. I am committed to helping my clients to feel confident in me and my services and I always place your best interests first. You can send me an email or feel free to give me a call for a friendly and informal chat. I’d be really happy to hear from you