Children's Issues

Children can face a complicated and uncertain world in modern society and may sometimes find it difficult to cope, resulting in problems arising with emotions and behaviour. Kids may struggle with anxieties, fears, confidence issues, bullying or even eating disorders and depression.



Children can struggle too

It is estimated that around one in ten children in Great Britain aged between five and sixteen have a recognisable mental disorder, with 4% of children suffering from anxiety or depression. To a child, emotions can be overwhelming and learning how to manage them can be scary.

As a parent it can be intensely worrying when your child is suffering and unfortunately there are limited resources available on the NHS to deal with these types of issues. If your child is experiencing difficulties, it can be hard to know what to do or where to turn.

Children can learn to manage and control their own emotional wellbeing

I use a combination of the very latest in solution focused therapies to treat children’s issues such as these, and I teach all my young clients how to manage their emotions, how to overcome fear and how to use the power of their own minds to change things for the better.

EFT is a particularly gentle technique that teaches children an easy way of being in control of their own feelings, how to cope with negative emotions and how to have the power to feel good, all by themselves. EFT empowers children and helps them to become more positive, confident and self-sufficient, enabling them to grow and achieve to their fullest potential.

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